JUNE 9th @ KALA-Experimental Shadow Animation with Live Opera

Experimental Shadow Animation with live shadow puppet performance and opera! 
June 9 at 8:30 pm (Doors at 8 pm). 
Link to: EventbriteTickets  
(may also be purchased at the door)
As a part of current exhibition Skinnable Shadows, Kala Gallery is proud to present Lydia Greer & Caryl Kientz’s Experimental Shadow Animation with live shadow puppet performance and opera featuring vocalists Shauna Fallihee, William Sauerland and cellist Adam Young on Saturday, June 9 at 8:30 pm (Doors at 8 pm). Tickets are $10-25 sliding scale, available on Eventbrite 
The program includes selections from:
The Euphoria of Walt Whitman

Media Arts Exhibit at Kala Art Institute

The opening reception for the Media Arts Exhibition at Kala Art Institute is May 10, 2018 from 6:30 to 8:30pm. I am showing new sculpture and animation. 
2017-2018 Media Arts Residency Awardees:

Zhiwan Cheung (Pittsburgh, PA)
Lydia Greer (Alameda, CA)
Sarah Klein and David Kwan (San Francisco, CA)
Christoph Steger (Oakland, CA)
The show will run from May 10 to June 30 with a screening on June 15th and on the evening of June 9th, a performance by Facing West Shadow Opera, my collaboration with opera singers William Sauerland (countertenor)and Shauna Fallihee (soprano) and theatre artist and shadow puppeteer Caryl Kientz. 

PHOTOFAIRS San Francisco

My video Hallucinations (2017) is included in the video art program for PHOTOFAIRS -San Francisco.
February 23 - 25, 2018, Fort Mason Festival Pavilion
Titled The Channel of Democracy: Womanhood, Power & Freedom in Video Art and is curated by Justin Hoover/Collective Action Studio. My work will be featured along with some of the best talent making video art today. It is part of a 90-100 minute video program that will play during the fair. 
Connected @ PHOTOFAIRS SF 
We are proud to present the first edition of Connected, The Channel of Democracy: Womanhood, Power & Freedom in Video Art, curated by Justin Hoover, to showcase the breadth of visionary talent currently at the helm of contemporary video and new media art. A curated group of strong, San Francisco-based and internationally-based female and queer artists exploring issues of power, equality and representation will present an approximately one-and-a-half-hour loop of video artworks in a black box screening room that will play continuously throughout the fair. Fifteen artists take on challenging social and representational issues in ways that not only are aesthetically powerful but politically meaningful.

Featured artists include Shiva Ahmadi, Zeina Barakeh, Mona Clark, Sophie Clements, Zen Cohen, Nanda D'Agostino, Kate Gilmore, Lydia Greer, Allison Leigh Holt, Kadet Kuhne, Pixie Liao, Klea McKenna, Liz Miller, Tiffany Trenda, Merav Tzur.

2017-2018 Media Arts Residency Award!

I was accepted for a media arts residency at Kala Art Institute for 2018!

2017-2018 Media Arts Residency Award
Kala Art Institute provides artists working in and across video, sound, performance cinema, and installation will pilot this new program, a creative residency at Kala to create multi-media projects that culminate in Kala gallery public programming.

2017-2018 Media Arts Residency Awardees:
Zhiwan Cheung (Pittsburgh, PA)
Lydia Greer (Alameda, CA)
Sarah Klein and David Kwan (San Francisco, CA)
Christoph Steger (Oakland, CA)

Honorary AIR Awardees:
Shaghayegh Cyrous (Walnut Creek, CA)
Motoko Honda (Oakland, CA)
Wioleta Kaminska (San Francisco, CA)
Kate Rhoades (Oakland, CA)

Media Arts Residency Program Includes:
Cash Award: $3,000
Studio Residency: Up to six months of studio residency at Kala Art Institute with 24/7 access to our communal studio spaces.
Media Arts (AIR) exhibition. Public programs for artists are also possible and determined on an individual basis with each artist.
The group exhibition is currently scheduled for May 2018.

The Euphoria of Walt Whitman and Hallucinations at the EXPLORATORIUM MUSEUM

JULY 6th-The Exploratorium for AFTER DARK! 
*Live OPERA, Cello and Multimedia Performance
The Euphoria of Walt Whitman and Hallucinations
With Facing West Shadow Opera
8:30 p.m.
Bernard and Barbro Osher West Gallery, Kanbar Forum
The Euphoria of Walt Whitman-A dense and holistic visual landscape made from projected video, animation, and shadow theater is paired with live operatic voice and cello in The Euphoria of Walt Whitman, a handcrafted, multisensory production exploring Whitman’s obsession with the traveling operas of the Wild West in the Gold Rush era.
Hallucinations-Hallucinations is an experimental film featuring puppets, objects, and cut paper animating a live performance of Mirabai Songs (1982) by new music composer John Harbison. Inspired by the legendary sixteenth-century poet and street performer from Rajasthan, India, the piece evokes Mirabai’s escape from death and devotion to Krishna expressed in dance, poetry, and song.

7/6/17 performance cast: 
Shauna Fallihee-Soprano Soloist- Hallucinations and The Euphoria of Walt Whitman.
Adam Young-Cello, The Euphoria of Walt Whitman.
Caryl Kientz-Theatrical Director, The Euphoria of Walt Whitman.
Vivian Le, Obadiah Hampton, Lisa Van Wambeck, Caryl Kientz and Lydia Greer:
Artists/Ensemble-The Euphoria of Walt Whitman.

Lydia Greer- Artistic Director
Caryl Kientz-Theatrical Director 
*William Sauerland-Countertenor and Musical Director/Arrangement.
*not present for this performance. 
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